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What We Do

NTC is a company that’s responsible for identifying solutions for heavy equipment and transportation companies. NTC is a team of sales staff, engineers and logistics professionals who can help you identify the best ways to save emissions with heavy equipment and transportation equipment while still meeting the needs of your business. NTC formed help fleet based companies, construction and manufacturing companies get the heavy equipment that they need in the form of minivans, heavy equipment vehicles, cargo trailers and buses from reliable manufacturers at rock-bottom prices.

Getting access to cutting edge equipment will help to increase efficiency in your business and it’s the goal of NTC’s team to help you become more profitable by providing you with the best equipment on the market. In the past we have worked with several public transit companies including Saudi public transport co. and several agricultural companies providing heavy equipment as well. We can work to sell you products from reliable Chinese manufacturers that can suit any need within your business and help you to reduce your impact on the environment.

If you are running old equipment or starting up a new business it’s very important that you get top quality equipment that fits with today’s current admission standards. NTC can identify the top products available in your marketplace and for suiting your businesses needs so that you can accomplish everything that you set out to do without over polluting the environment.

All we do is service is one of the main mottos of NTC and this means that we are always dedicated to the customer and providing the best resupplying services and sales for every one of our clients. This means that whether you are a new customer or a long-standing customer we can help you find the best deals on heavy equipment and transportation equipment and help your business run more efficiently.