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History & Timeline

NTC – National Trade Company, started spinning wheels since 1993 and originally established as a limited liability company under the Mutabagani Group.

It all started with a goal where NTC vision to make luxury an affordability and provide fleet to entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hence, they have established long-standing relationships with Chinese King Long buses, who produce a large number of transport fleets for the NTC.

NTC has advanced its business through tie-ups with large manufacturing companies and is been delivering a number of different sales and service deals to ensure a steady stream of spare parts, new equipment, sales and service of all types of HMVs. NTC’s motto has always been “all we do is service” and the main focus of this rapidly growing orgnaisation is to become the ultimate distributor and customer service connoisseur to each one of their clients.

With ongoing deals from well-known Chinese manufacturers, NTC sources a variety of construction machinery equipments as well as quality buses that can reduce emission and carry more passengers safe and comfortably. NTC plans on future expansion as well as working with more clients across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arabian Peninsula. Through the reduction of emission, we can all reduce the impact that we have on the environment. As NTC moves forward and forgoes new business deals to provide more efficient products and better deals to their clients, the team NTC hopes to become synonymous with sourcing heavy transportation vehicles.

Today NTC works with some of the largest fleets and new start ups across the kingdom to source means of transport which are fully loaded and customised as per requirements.



HMG Established


National Trade Company Established

Started with 4 employees located in Madinah Road


Relationship with SAPTCO


NTC moved to new location in Palestine Street


NTC Showroom opened

NTC sold 1,140 School Bus in KSA with SEITCO Group

SEITCO Bus Service Contract signed for 8 locations


447 units sold with 28% Market Share


782 units sold with 33.5% Market share


672 units sold with 29% Market share


1300 units sold with 33% Market share


1381 units sold with 37% Market share